Shenyang Park Outlets—Optimised brand portfolio: Southern area upgraded, Central area transformed and Northern area re-opened

The expansion project of Shenyang Park Outlets Northern phase II has been completed. From planning to construction stage and finally the completion, Shenyang Park Outlets has proved that it always works in a pragmatic way and not making unrealistic promises.

With the grand new opening of Northern phase II, the Central and Southern area of phase I have also optimised its brand portfolio. Starting from 1 Oct 2021, Shenyang Park Outlets offers a rich mix of international brands, providing unique shopping experience.

Shenyang Park Outlets established its roots in Shenbei New Area since 2012. After years of hard work, its specific roles and functions have been widely recognised. It offers public an excellent shopping experience and serves with care. It is more than an outlet, it is a wonderful mall with high standard, vibrant, well-defined and caring. Looking forward, Shenyang Park Outlets will continue to deepen its roots in Shenbei, Northeast and Mainland China, strive to become a top destination for visitors to enjoy a piece of nature, culture and humanity.